Code the app itself, leave the rest to us.

No more glue coding, integrate DevMate into your app within minutes and get customizable tools for activations, free trials, and diverse license types.
All you need to prepare your app for release, including hosting and a CDN, version management, update delivery, and an e-commerce solution for selling.
DevMate provides you with in-depth analytics, marketing metrics with traffic details and sales funnels, and real-time conversion ratios.
Get to know your users and what they think of your product. View a breakdown of your paid and trial customers, their geolocation, conversions, environment data, and more.
Is it like “Free Trial”?
Nope. It’s just free.
Timewise — completely unlimited.
A whole development cycle?
Uh-huh. Craft it, launch it, get it out there. We’ll do our best to help you on the way.
How many users can I have?
You name it.
What was Earth’s population again?
How do I start?
Click the cool green button above (or below). And contact us if you need anything.
The whole platform with all of its goods is yours forever.
Free, handy,
brilliantly easy to integrate.
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