Analyze Your App Sales and Downloads

DevMate provides in-depth analytics, comprehensive marketing metrics, and real-time conversion ratios. All this information gives you a quick and complete overview of how your business is operating, so you can determine the weak links and turn them into profit.

Visits, Downloads, and Revenue

DevMate's revenue graphics, conversion ratios, and funnels are based on three main metrics: number of visits, downloads, and sales.

This allows you to keep track of the most important data easily and monitor how it's improving over time.

Sales Funnel

Funnels help you visualize how your visitors are converted into app downloads, installations, and sales, with the exact conversion ratios shown at each step.

A quick glance at the conversion funnel helps you identify bottlenecks and determine the steps required for improvement.

Traffic Sources & Campaigns

Similar to Google Analytics, DevMate tracks individual visits and identifies which campaign or source they come from, allowing you to measure conversions and efficiency of any traffic source, marketing campaign, or review.

Country Performance

The Country Performance report tracks how your app installations, sales, and revenue totals are spread all over the world. This gives you an understanding of which countries are worth entering and which localization should be added to your application.