DevMate and Paddle are joining forces.

We’re changing the way that software
developers build and sell software.

Same great DevMate platform.
Improved payments integration with Paddle.

What's changed?

DevMate has become part of Paddle’s toolkit to offer software developers an end-to-end set of apps to build, manage and sell their software online.


More and more of our customers need access to flexible, reliable payments infrastructure and tools to sell their software online - with Paddle, DevMate will now have this capability built-in.

What's happening to DevMate?

Nothing! The DevMate platform will stay the same, and continue to evolve to support what you build and manage your apps in new and exciting ways!

When's this happening?

It’s already live! You can start to use Paddle and DevMate right away, and we’ll be continuing to offer new and exciting ways to develop and sell your software online.

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Paddle, DevMate and MacPaw

DevMate was originally built in-house at MacPaw five years ago as a platform to deliver, analyse and improve their own apps, before becoming a stand-alone product to support other software developers.

By coming on-board with Paddle we are cementing our relationship. We’ll be working closely together to offer software sellers (including MacPaw) a complete platform which enhances their experience and the experience of their customers throughout the development, release and sale of every product type, on every platform.

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What is Paddle?

Software businesses choose to run on Paddle so they can get back to doing what they love. Building great products. Paddle provides the following features...

  • Optimised checkout, seamlessly embedded into your website or application.

  • Multiple payment options which can easily be turned on and off.

  • Automatic support for local payment methods, currencies and languages.

  • Customer support, risk management, fraud detection and prevention.

  • Total VAT and Sales Tax management.