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DevMate saves time coding.
We are now able to focus on business.
Coding is not business.

DigiDNA is an independent software development company that creates Mac and Windows apps for managing iOS devices. Their main product, iMazing, lets users access the data stored on their iPhones or iPads from their computers, and easily transfer that data to computers.


Simplicity and efficiency are the main ideas behind the iMazing app. And it puts these ideas into action, as far as users are concerned. But behind the scenes, where DigiDNA handled activations and bug reports, things were not as efficient as the team wanted.

DigiDNA used their own system for licensing the software, delivering updates, and tracking crashes. And this meant hours and hours spent developing frameworks instead of developing the business. Jérôme Bédat, co-owner, says:

We spent lots of time coding the activation system and the bug reporting system, which wasn’t really our business. And we wanted to focus on our business.

DigiDNA wanted the coding off their hands: at the time, they were using multiple frameworks for implementing activations, bug reports, and everything else the product needed. And what’s more, iMazing had both OS X and Windows versions, which meant different frameworks for different operating systems, too. On top of that, the DigiDNA development team, including Jérôme himself, had to continuously work on those frameworks. “Before DevMate, we were always developing new scripts,” Jérôme recalls.

Managing new releases was another pain point, because it involved dealing with their CDN and servers. It was yet more effort that could be better applied elsewhere. Jérôme explains: 

“We didn't want to manage our distribution system, we didn’t want to manage the content delivery network, the servers and everything — we wanted to outsource this part."


With DevMate, DigiDNA have eliminated all the coding that took up too much of their time. But it’s not just about coding per se: managing activations, releases, and bug reports takes less time now, too. DevMate was able to replace all the frameworks the company was using, and do everything those frameworks did more efficiently.

“Before we had separate frameworks, and now it's just one framework. The whole system is very nice, including its release management, reporting, and statistics. We had our own system before, but DevMate obviously does it better.“

For instance, DevMate’s activation system is more secure than the one DigiDNA developed in-house: “The activation system is great, it’s more secure compared to what we had before.” Plus, the team doesn’t have to develop new scripts for license generation, and they are able to manage activations from one Dashboard.

Another improvement is simpler release management:

For us, it's easier to use DevMate because we don't have bandwidth issues, we don't have to manage specific servers for release distribution, and we don't have to worry about the Content Delivery Network.

DigiDNA can finally focus on their business, and not the tedious coding work. And what’s better, DevMate lets them focus on the core of their product and improve it.

“The issue system is what helps us make a better application. We can immediately see crashes of new releases, and we can access statistics on the different kinds of crashes that occur.”

Reports overview Reports overview Reports overview

DevMate’s Feedback feature works alongside Crash Reports to help DigiDNA make iMazing better: “For us developers, one of the most important and positive parts of DevMate is the feedback form in the app, because we can have direct contact with our users. It’s good for our customers to be able to report bugs directly from within the application.”

While all DevMate’s features worked pretty well for the OS X version of iMazing, there was still the Windows version to think of. So, specifically for DigiDNA, DevMate started developing a framework to provide similar functionality for iMazing on Windows. DigiDNA is already using it to distribute and license its Windows software, and the DevMate team is working on making the framework more  powerful.

The #1 reason why DigiDNA would recommend DevMate:

“The key point of DevMate is that it’s a complete solution, and that’s why we like using it. It's not just about issue reporting, even though it’s one of the most important features for us. Everything that DevMate offers is important."