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Learn how industry leaders use DevMate to develop and distribute their Mac Apps

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We’re thrilled to have adopted DevMate, and we’re excited for what’s to come in the future.

Greg Scown

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DevMate offers a robust, full-featured, and customizable solution for downloadable software vendors like Smile. It offers insight into how our customers find us, lets us know statistical details on usage and upgrades, and has an excellent license activation system.

DevMate saves time coding. We are now able to focus on business. Coding is not business.

Jérôme Bédat

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With DevMate, DigiDNA have eliminated all the coding that took up too much of their time. But it’s not just about coding per se: managing activations, releases, and bug reports takes less time now, too. DevMate was able to replace all the frameworks the company was using, and do everything those frameworks did more efficiently.

We were looking for an activation tool, and got a whole development platform.

Nicholas Raba

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Started in 1999, SecureMac builds security and privacy software for OS X. Their two main products, MacScan and PrivacyScan, help Mac users detect spyware and protect sensitive data to make sure their networks are secure, and their private information remains private.

DevMate is our all-in-one, go-to tool that has everything necessary for selling, distributing and releasing OS X applications.

Oleksandr Kosovan
CEO and Founder
MacPaw Inc.


For the last 6 years, the MacPaw team has created best-in-class utilities for Mac users, and has released countless application updates. Over the years, we’ve learned how to deal with App Store limitations and have faced numerous other common-for-all development problems. We've learned how to sell software effectively outside the Mac App Store, deliver updates easily, protect and license our apps, create trial versions, run beta tests with crash reporting, and collect spread analytics and metrics. We’ve gathered all the tools and workarounds into one solution, which became a driving force for application development and distribution.

CleanMyMac Application
MacPaw's flagship product: CleanMyMac.

Today, all of MacPaw’s products use DevMate’s frameworks, and all our updates are delivered with the help of DevMate, including crash reports and analytics. It’s the heart of our development.

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MacPaw Team
Team MacPaw.
DevMate is the easiest aid to developing, shipping and marketing our apps.

Dan Counsell
Realmac Software

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Over the years we’ve tried several different services for app distribution and testing, but none of them followed that through with features that helped guide how the apps performed as demos and paid-for apps.

Realmac Tam
Realmac software team.

DevMate changes that spectacularly. It offers us an in-depth look at how our apps perform, both for customers and for the business. The metrics DevMate offers are the sort you’d expect to use for a web-based business, so to have this level of insight for downloaded apps is simply amazing.

Instead of 3 ‘home-grown’ frameworks, we switched to one — DevMate, which has everything we need and more.

Ivan Ablamskyi
Сo-founder & CTO


DevMate has saved us a lot of time with app distribution. With a set of tools and ready-made frameworks available in DevMate, we managed to take hours of development off our hands.

VOX: #1 Music player for Mac OS.
Coppertino Team
Coppertino Team
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A critical part of every system has always been analytics, and DevMate has it all — we can have a nearly ‘Google Analytics’ experience for exploring data, and track our conversion and adoption rates more easily with one system

Developing and distribution can be a pain (especially if you’re doing it outside of the MAS) but, DevMate makes it an effortless and enjoyable experience.

Soneé Delano John


When developing iTubeDownloader 5, I was busy looking for a framework to handle activations which can be a pain especially when you’re distributing outside of the Mac App Store. I had two options, using Paddle (an activation framework), or simply write a custom framework to handle the activations. Fortunately I came across DevMate, which I was already using for distributing iTubeDownloader 4 and delivering updates, so I decided to use your wonderful and simple to use activation framework.

Until October of last year iTubeDownloader was a donation-ware, since then I have made it into a shareware and thanks to DevMate’s integrations it was near effortless.

Since becoming a shareware, I have been able to collect over $14,000+ in revenue which I never thought would be possible.

Another area that DevMate has helped me is in distribution since launching in April of last year I received our 57,000+ downloads on iTubeDownloader.

iTube Downloader App
iTubeDownloader: download videos hosted on YouTube.
Setting up activation and system updates for our applications is shockingly-easy thanks to DevMate.

Sergey Kudryashov

Here at Softorino headquarters – we’re passionate about crafting products that can truly make a difference. What really motivates us, is setting a strict deadline for the product launch. Apart from creating a seamless and magical experience for users, there are tons of ‘tiny-little-pieces’ that are to be implemented before an app is ready for public use.

Softorino Team
Softorino Team
Softorino CEO
Softorino’s CEO Sergey Kudryashov.
Softorino Logo

By ‘tiny-little-pieces’, we mean implementing licensing activation & system updates framework. DevMate took it off our hands making this process a breeze. The setup was easier than we could’ve imagine and overnight, we had a fully working application ready for distribution.

Walt App Window
 Softorino's Waltr app is deployed on DevMate.

Another great feature in DevMate that we enjoyed is the ‘birds-eye view’ on all important data from the app, such as: activations, version installs, downloads & feedback. Honestly, DevMate is exactly what software developers need – It just works and there’s no hassle.

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