About DevMate

An all-in-one toolkit for developers!

DevMate is now part of Paddle’s powerful toolset for Mac and Windows developers to build, manage and sell their software online. With over five years of experience, we have achieved great results for our customers through our suite of utility, analytics and payment products.

Devmate and Paddle have joined forces to provide customers with an end-to-end solution which incorporates application update delivery, trials and licensing, bundles, beta testing, crash reporting and in-depth analytics alongside the best billing and payments platform available.

We provide our customers with a wealth of support and data to enable them to build and sell their software via the web. From tools to measure the efficiency of marketing and sales strategies, to analytics which identify opportunities to sell software in smarter and more effective ways, we’ve got everything you need.

With DevMate’s experience in application management coupled with Paddle’s platform for billing and subscriptions, we’re providing the easiest way for software businesses to get back to doing what they love - building great products.



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