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Develop Apps Easily

License and protect software, deliver updates to customers, collect crash reports and feedback — no additional coding necessary. Integrate one SDK instead of hours of boring coding.


Add activations to your application to secure and protect it from illegal usage. Create time-limited trials, beta versions, and more.


Once an update is released, a new version will be automatically delivered to every user.

Crash Reports

Your application will collect and send crash reports to DevMate's Dashboard in real time.


Everything you need for selling and distributing applications is available through DevMate: binary hosting and a CDN that provides application availability, version management, updates delivery, 
and an e-commerce solution for selling your application.

Binary Hosting and CDN

DevMate provides a CDN to host and distribute installation files. A 99.9% uptime guarantees availability of your application all over the world.

App Management

Manage all your applications and version builds from one single place. Release new versions and deliver updates automatically.

E-commerce Solution

DevMate integrates with Paddle to offer you a complete e-commerce solution for selling apps right from your website.



Get detailed analytics on sales and downloads, conversion funnels, traffic sources, and campaign reports with no additional effort. Monitor customers behavior and measure your results to get serious growth.

See available reports and metrics

Crash Reporting

Crash Reporting

Get instant information about crashes and exceptions occurring within your application in real time. All reports are grouped by similarity and show the impact on your app's users. Localize and fix the problem as fast as possible.

Ensure your apps work perfectly

Customer Management

Customer Management

Simple CRM crafted specifically to your needs. It collects and stores all the information about your customer, including: contact info, activation keys, purchased application, feedback, support cases, and more.

Know your customers better

Industry Leaders Already with DevMate

DevMate is the easiest aid to developing, shipping and marketing our apps.

Dan Counsell
Founder, Realmac Software

DevMate saves time coding. We are now able to focus on business. Coding is not business.

Jérôme Bédat
Co-owner, DigiDNA

DevMate offers a robust, full-featured, and customizable solution for downloadable software vendors like Smile.

Greg Scown
Founder, Smile
PDFPen 7

DevMate is all-in-one tool that helps you focus on your application development. It takes the boring coding off your hands.

Oleksandr Kosovan
CEO and Founder, MacPaw
CleanMyMac and other

Setting up activation and system updates for our applications is shockingly-easy thanks to DevMate.

Sergey Kudryashov
CEO, Softorino

Developing and distribution can be a pain (especially if you're doing it outside of the MAS) but, DevMate makes it an effortless and enjoyable experience.

Soneé Delano John
Founder, AlphaSoftware

Instead of 3 'home-grown' frameworks, we switched to one — DevMate, which has everything we need and more.

Ivan Ablamskyi
Сo-founder & CTO, Coppertino

DevMate has been an invaluable service for me to keep up with my app's analytics and feedback.

Scott Kyle
Founder, AppDen