Release Your App

Get your application ready for distribution and selling with DevMate. It has everything you need to prepare your app for release, including hosting and a CDN to provide application availability, version management, update delivery, and e-commerce solution for selling.

Host and distribute

Host and Distribute

Upload your application binaries to DevMate so people can start downloading and installing your app today. DevMate provides Amazon CDN to host and deliver installation files, so everything is done quickly and smoothly.

With 99.9% uptime, you can rest assured that your apps will always be available to the whole world, without delay.

App Management

App Management

All the versions of your application are gathered in one place – the DevMate Dashboard. As an admin, you'll have full control over your beta version rollout, application release, update delivery, release notes, and more. All this from a single, elegant space.

Symbolicated Reports

Payment Solution

DevMate integrates with FastSpring to offer a ready-made solution for selling your application and collecting sales statistics.

Thanks to this integration, you won't have to worry about processing payments, delivering licenses for product activation, or collecting and storing customers purchase info.


What does DevMate + FastSpring integration give you?

Payment and License Fulfilment

The combination of FastSpring and DevMate allows you both – to process payment for a purchase and provide an activation key to activate the application. FastSpring does payment fulfillment, while DevMate generates the activation key. The setup is very easy, just select DevMate as the license generator on FastSpring. After processing an order, FastSpring automatically sends a license to each user.

Sales Data

Thanks to deep integration with FastSpring, DevMate collects sales and refund data from FastSpring and creates reports based on this information, allowing you to easily monitor all your sales statistics in DevMate.

Customer Data

DevMate receives customer data from FastSpring purchase orders. This information is gathered and stored in the ‘Customers' section of the DevMate Dashboard. You can view purchase information for each customer, like: order number, purchased license type, and activation key, and you can even see if a product has been activated, including how many times.

Product Packs

DevMate allows you to create different license packs for your product — single license, family, or office pack. Each one can come at a different price, with a specific expiration date and number of activations allowed for each.


Product bundling is one of the most effective marketing strategies. You can bundle a few products together in DevMate and sell them at a discounted price via FastSpring. The user will receive one activation key to activate all bundled products, so it's simple for them and you.