case study
We were looking for
an activation tool, and got
a whole development platform.

Started in 1999, SecureMac builds security and privacy software for OS X. Their two main products, MacScan and PrivacyScan, help Mac users detect spyware and protect sensitive data to make sure their networks are secure, and their private information remains private.

Before DevMate

The software SecureMac develops is fairly sophisticated, but the activation system they were using to license it was lagging behind. "Our software is cutting-edge, and we wanted to work with a provider who would be on the same page with us," says Nicholas Raba, the President. Because of that, SecureMac started looking for a new activation tool.

The company handled payments with FastSpring and they liked it a lot, but still — product activations were the missing piece. “We even looked at developing our own solution,” Nicholas adds. However, it wasn’t long before they realized that an in-house activation system would take too much time and money to build.

While activation was their most urgent need, there were other things on SecureMac’s wish list. One of them was more data about their user base. For example, the developers had no way of telling which OS versions their customers were using, and that made support a major challenge. “Do you know how hard it is to support all the operating systems? It is very hard, and without knowing which OS versions our users were on, we were supporting them all.”

With DevMate

When SecureMac went to FastSpring looking for activation functionality, they were suggested a platform for that and everything else they lacked.

“FastSpring said: ‘Everything you need is offered by DevMate’.” SecureMac looked into the DevMate platform and discovered pretty much everything that it had was on their wish list. To use or not to use was not the question. Nicholas knew DevMate was originally built by MacPaw as the backbone for their own products. That was reason enough for SecureMac to make it the backbone for MacScan and PrivacyScan.

We were familiar with MacPaw products, and when we looked at how well they were built, we thought: Oh wow! We need something like that.

Everything was set up quickly, and SecureMac got the activation system they had been looking for, already integrated with their payments platform.

It just worked out. Features like integration with FastSpring and management of activations saved us lots of time and money compared to developing an in-house solution.

And on top of that, SecureMac received a whole lot of business data they lacked before. DevMate provided all the information Nicholas and his team needed to make better business decisions.

“The data in DevMate’s Dashboard helped us understand what was working/not working, and  helped us l earn a lot about our customers, their behavior and preferences. Another big thing — we learned about operating systems our users use. DevMate showed us adoption rate by system and showed us which systems are used, and which are not or are used less. And it helped us make better decisions on how we support our users.”

Highlights of the platform for SecureMac:

"Quick and precise communication between our teams. DevMate’s development and support teams know exactly what they are dealing with.”
"It was really easy and really fast. We researched DevMate's docs and integration, all our questions were answered immediately. Integration was really quick to implement."
“I check ROI data, keep track of where our users come from, how long it takes them to make a purchase decision, know the whole picture.”

How likely is SecureMac to recommend DevMate on a scale from 0 to 10?

Nicholas Raba’s reply was a certain “10.” SecureMac counts on DevMate when managing their two most important products, so of course they’d recommend it to other developers. “We use DevMate for both MacScan and PrivacyScan. We rely on it.”