Development and Distribution Assistance Platform for Mac Developers

Advanced Marketing Metrics and Analytics

Application hosting, FastSpring integration, and software updates delivery system.
Run public/private beta tests, receive detailed crash reports, and get feedback from your customers.
Reports on sales and downloads, conversions, funnels, campaigns and more.
Create Better Apps Easier
Create Better Apps Easier

Create Better Apps Easier

Use ready-to-go frameworks to add activation and licensing to protect your software, deliver updates to your customers, collect crash reports and feedback, integrate billing, and track your traffic — With no additional coding necessary.

Detailed information about available frameworks

Distribution management

Simple Management

DevMate enables you to host and manage all your applications, track downloads, and deliver updates. All this and more from one single service.

Learn more about hosting with DevMate

You, the Marketer

Know your data and your customers. Get detailed analysis on sales, downloads, conversions, traffic sources and customer base reports without any additional effort. Monitor and measure your results to get serious growth.

Loads of data, pre-analyzed and visualized. See available reports
Sales and Downloads
Customers Overview
Distribution management

FastSpring Integration

E-commerce integration has never been easier. We partnered with FastSpring to provide a ready-made solution for selling your application right from your website.

Works out of the box. Start selling your apps now

In-Depth Analytics

DevMate's powerful analytics tools automatically categorize and compile your data for you. We take care of the process so you can focus on results.

Measure to improve your results

Customer Management

Simple CRM that is tailored specifically to your needs. Collect information about your customers, their feedback, support cases, licence codes, and more.

Know your customers better

Issue Reports

Don't waste time searching for solutions. Get crash reports in real time. Jump straight to the cause of the problem right in your code.

Ensure your apps work perfectly

By Developers For Developers!

DevMate is a product by MacPaw. The last two years all MacPaw products are delivered with DevMate, analysed in DevMate and improved using DevMate features.

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